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Large Basic Gaming Bundle

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The Complex from MAD Gaming Terrain is a new theme designed for small skirmish 28mm battle games. Ideal for Infinity, Kill Team, Warhammer 40000, Necromunda and Zone Mortalis to name a few.
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This Bundle pack Contains;
4x Corner Wall Section sets
2x Large Straight Wall Sections Sets
2x Small Straight Wall Sections Sets
1x Small Wall Ends
1x Large Wall Ends
1x Detailing Kit - Basic

The Complex Theme is very versatile, especially when magnetised (which is an option and one which we recommend if you want the best out of our products). The complex works well for ship layouts, interior and building layouts as well as underground bunkers. As well as all this the Complex Theme is designed to work with the rest of MAD Gaming Terrain's Themes and Core Range which includes The Hab Block

As with all our Terrain for all of our ranges, they include

1: Our Simple Tags that allow you to easily pluck out the parts, so no knife should be needed. 
2: Hole network system that allows you to use any parts we create across our whole range 
3: Clever Magnet System (Magnets not supplied). This is pre cut holes designed specifically for 3x3mm magnets allowing you the option of magnetising our products together. The Magnet System is compatible with all our products.

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